Are there any conditions to book my photoshoot?

  • Yes, I do have a minimum charge to book a photoshoot.

  • Depending on availability, the earliest I could book you in would be 3/4 weeks to allow pre-planning of your photoshoot. This includes shipping your products to my studio, establishing your visual style, sharing ideas, obtaining any props for your aesthetic, receiving your feedback and sign off.

  • And a 50% deposit is required to secure the date of your photoshoot.


Can I subscribe to monthly content for my social media?

  • Yes I do! Simply pick one of my 3 monthly packages that suites your posting schedule, we establish your visual style guide for your brand, you pick a date of the month you wish to receive your visuals and you can cancel at anytime with one months notice. More details are available once you make your enquiry. 


Do you provide advice or guidance if I am uncertain of what I need?

  • Yes of course. I can answer any questions you may have, I can help guide you and provide art direction, you can trust me to take the creative lead if you wish me to. Simply visit my contact page and we can go from there.


How long will it take to receive my images?

  • My usual turnaround is usually 1 week from the date of your photoshoot, however if this differs when you enquire I will ensure to advise you. I also can provide an express turnaround for urgent deadlines, I will be happy to advise you on your enquiry.


How does the 'post & shoot' service work?

  • You select your lovely items and pack well for transit using standard royal mail or a courier if you prefer

  • When it's time for your photoshoot I prepare, style and shoot your products as we agreed and on completion send you a link to review your finalised images to ensure you are happy prior to returning your items.

  • After making your final payment, you will receive your link to download your images.

  • And then I carefully pack and return your items as per your post request.


How do I receive my images?

  • I provide digital visuals resolution and dimensions as agreed, formats JPEG, MP4, GIF, PNG or transparent and send you a downloadable link via email or text, whichever you prefer.


What about the use of props in my images?

  • I do have a growing collection of props we can use in your photoshoot, and I'm more than happy to source additional props if necessary. I will work within a prop budget you advise. And you are more than welcome to provide any props that you own to include in your photoshoot. 


What type of products do you photoshoot?

  • I specialise in skincare, beauty and well-being products, however I also shoot a variety of home furnishings & accessories, food produce & drinks, novelty gifts and more.

  • I love a challenge out of my comfort zone so if you have anything different please still enquire - the only limitation is the size of your product, but if it can fit through my studio door then it's a winner!


Are you able to arrange a model for my photoshoot?

  • If you require a human element in your visuals and have a budget to hire a model I am happy to arrange this for you. Depending on the circumstances it may be possible I can offer myself as a faceless model; e.g. a hand or an arm to provide a human element. 


Are you able to provide outdoor environments?

  • For small set designs I am able to create an outdoor environment setting inside my studio, where I have full control of light and the weather! Just let me know what you need.


Can you tell me what image size and dimensions I need ?